DFC Belfast 25 Year Anniversary

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DFC Belfast 25 Year Anniversary

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One Million Choices - What Does The Vauxhall ADAM and a Rolls Royce Have in Common?

If you really want to stand out from the crowd with a car to reflect your personality then the Vauxhall ADAM is definitely one to consider.

Amazingly there are over ONE MILLION design combinations! That means you can create your very own personalised car.

On the exterior you can choose from a massive range of body colours, roof colours and alloy wheel designs.

What's even more special is your total freedom to stamp your individual mark on the interior. Think of the cabin as a blank canvas for you to create a space that's totally unique and original.

Choose your own colours, seat designs, ambient lighting colours and interior decor.

Would you believe you can even have a cloud-covered roof lining and a set of 60 LEDs to shine in the roof like stars in the sky. 

We've only ever seen this in ultra high end vehicles like the Rolls Royce and Maybach.

What’s more, much of this interior can be changed if you decide you want a new fresh interior at some stage in the future.

The ADAM a truly unique choice for you if you want your car to be fun, practical, nippy and best of all unbelievably good value.

Click this link to see how easily you could get your very own unique ADAM on the road.