DFC Belfast 25 Year Anniversary

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DFC Belfast 25 Year Anniversary

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150+ MPG! High Expectations For The First Ever Hybrid VW Passat.

Business owners, fleet managers and private drivers alike will be paying close attention to the launch of the eighth generation Passat in October this year.

This will be the first ever Passat to be offered with eco-friendly hybrid power, promoting it as the "most powerful plug-in hybrid from VW to date".

It will deliver 211hp in total, with 150hp from the 1.4litre TSI engine working in tandem with the 80kW electric motor.

Although official figures aren't confirmed yet, the hybrid Passat will have a range of around 620 miles and can travel almost 20 miles on electric power alone, but the knockout headline statistic will no doubt be the 150+ mpg.

The current Golf GTE hybrid has an official 188mpg which makes the expectations for the Passat very realistic.

And it looks good too. The new design Passat is lower, wider and is more spacious in the cabin and in the boot. 

First deliveries are expected in January 2015 with the hybrid becoming available in the second half of the year.

Diesel power is tipped to remain the biggest seller with the diesel 2.0TDI 150hp, but with greater awareness and acceptance of electric and hybrid power we can expect the hybrid Passat to be a common sight on the road in the near future.

Get in touch with us to find out if hybrid power could be an advantage for you or your business in the future.