DFC Belfast 25 Year Anniversary

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DFC Belfast 25 Year Anniversary

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The development of theft in modern day life


In this era of modern technology, we are seeing vast improvements and developments in all aspects of life. From medicine to marketing, transportation to television, the world around us is seeing ever increasing levels of sophistication and modernisation.



However, whilst it is easy to discuss the improvements of modern technology as a tool for good, it is important to acknowledge that there are people who will use them for less ethical means. One such example has been the rise in the theft of motor vehicles, plant and machinery.


In the last three years, the UK has seen an increase of 30% of vehicle theft, with London alone experiencing a 24% increase. This amounts to a total of 83,688 reported incidents, with 53% of the vehicles in question going unrecovered. These numbers are simply staggering. Just think, if you had a vehicle stolen in the UK today, you have a less then 50% chance of ever seeing it again.


This increase can largely be attributed to the more modern and cunning techniques used by thieves. The use of keyless entry for many vehicles for example might be seen as an improvement in technology for the average car owner, but to a thief, it is an opportunity. With a device that amplifies the signal from the keyless ‘fob’, thieves can now gain access to many cars with ease.



Another way in which thieves are operating these days, is to capture your key’s code as soon as it is used. Electronic devices can ‘grab’ the code whenever you unlock or lock your car, and some more sophisticated devices can even acquire the code even if the key hasn’t been used.



Even if you have a GPS device installed in your vehicle, it is unlikely to deter or foil thieves. With GPS jamming systems (See image below) cheap and readily available, thieves can render your attempts to protect your vehicles obsolete. Moreover, even if the GPS signal isn’t jammed, their signal is often too weak to penetrate metal containers or lock ups, which stolen vehicles are often transported and stored in.



So, what can be done to stop those that would steal your vehicles or machinery? Well, that’s where TRACKER comes in. Having been established for over 25 years, we are the market leader in tracking technology within the United Kingdom. With our award winning, patented technology, and our unique relationship with the UK police, we are the leading provider of ‘stolen vehicle recovery’.


TRACKER’s core technology is long range VHF (Very High Frequency) band, with a signal that is extremely difficult to jam. Even should your vehicle be stored in a steel shipping container, lock up, or underground car park, it will continue to transmit a strong signal, allowing your vehicle to be tracked quickly and easily.


In addition, the TRACKER Mesh Technology means that any vehicle fitted with TRACKER that encounters a TRACKER-equipped vehicle emitting its ‘stolen’ signal, will instantly alert our 24/7 control room. This information is then quickly passed on to the police, who can deploy a TRACKER-equipped police vehicle of their own.


The numbers don’t lie either. With a 96% recovery rate, 80% of which are recovered within 24 hours, TRACKER is invaluable in ensuring the safety and protection of your vehicles and machines. When we remember how many vehicles have been stolen in the UK in the past three years, and bearing in mind these numbers are rising, can you really afford not to take the appropriate measures to safeguard your vehicles?


If you’d like to find out more about the TRACKER technology, or you’d like to place an order for your own TRACKER today, then contact Pauline on 07775 773806, or alternatively you can send her an email at pauline@dfctracker.co.uk.