DFC Belfast 25 Year Anniversary

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DFC Belfast 25 Year Anniversary

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7 Important Questions To Ask When You’re Looking For A New Car Or Van

Do you know what to ask yourself when you're looking for a new car, van or addition to your fleet?

With all the buzzwords going round like HP, PCP, BCH and PCH its easy to get lost and we don't blame you.

We've put together 7 important questions to ask yourself when looking for that new car, van or addition to your fleet to help with the decision making process.

1. How much are you willing to pay upfront?

How much are you willing to put down to get on the road? Hire purchase and PCP tend to require a higher deposit whereas most lease agreements have a lower deposit. We at DFC understand cash is the heartbeat to any business therefore we want to get you on the road as easy as possible so you can spend the money you save to grow your business instead. It's simple, if you grow as a business we grow too. We believe in long-term relationships.

2. How much are you willing to pay monthly?

It's unlikely you'll buy a vehicle in one payment, and if you do it will most likely be through a loan therefore you'll have to pay the loan back in monthly installments including interest. Leasing can have lower monthly payments compared to loans. Why? With contract hire you only pay for the depreciation of the vehicle.

3. How much driving are you doing?

Doing lots of miles? Your vehicle will depreciate more and you'll have to pay more in your monthly payments when it comes to the likes of contract hire. If you're doing high mileage it might seem worthwhile buying outright through a car loan or hire purchase, but wait a second. With higher mileage, depreciation accelerates and ultimately you have a much lower residual value. Therefore, you could end up paying more in the long term if you buy.

4. How are you using the vehicle?

Is the vehicle for personal or business use? If a lease is for business a proportion of the cost can be deducted from your taxes. Interest on car loans however isn't deductible.

5. How long you want the vehicle for?

If you want a drive a new vehicle every few years (After all, who doesn't?) leasing is a convenient option for you. At the end of your lease you simply return your vehicle. You can then start with another brand new one. On the other hand, if you want to keep a vehicle for as long as possible you might want to consider buying outright.

6. What type of vehicle do you need and want?

What type of car or van do you need? What do you want? With many dealerships they're committed to one or two manufacturer so don't
necessarily offer you much choice. Whereas, DFC is Northern Ireland's largest independent vehicle management company which means we can source you any make or model you want. Go on, try us.

7. Do you want to reduce running costs?

It's brilliant getting a great offer, but does it mean much if you're still spending a fortune on running costs?

Your "great offer" is quickly cancelled out.

Have you thought about using vehicle tracking technology or in other words telematics? DFC has an exclusive partnership with RAC Telematics which means you can access powerful tracking technology on top of your contract agreement. Through telematics you could save up to 15% on fuel through more efficient driving and reduced idling time or you could save up to 50% on accidents and breakdowns by promoting better driving behaviour to name a few benefits.

To conclude

If you're interested in leasing any make or model get a FREE, no obligation quote today


If you're interested in reducing your running costs with telematics book a consultation today with Pauline who will personally see if telematics is the right choice for you



If reading this has got you asking questions (About contract hire, fleet management, telematics, buying - you name it) leave us a message on Facebook, tweet us or email ryan@dfcbelfast.co.uk and we'd be happy to help!